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Changing Tides Media (CTM) is a full production company that uses the power of visual story telling to bring awareness to societies most pressing issues.

Here at CTM we strive to make a difference, a change for good, through all outlets of digital media. We produce stories that educate and empower people to be a positive influence on the world.

Current Projects ...

Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31

Changing Tides Media joins Fabien Cousteau as the official project documentarians as he embarks on his Mission 31, a grand exploration pushing the frontiers of saturation diving. Fabien and a team of aquanauts will spend 31 days living under the sea in the Aquarius submersible habitat off the Florida Keys and the Changing Tides team will be right alongside documenting every moment, from day one, June 1st until Fabien re-emerges at the surface 31 days later, July 2nd.

Read our press release.

Céline Cousteau and CauseCentric Productions' Tribes on the Edge

Changing Tides Media joins Céline Cousteau and her nonprofit organization CauseCentric Productions in their expedition to film the documentary, Tribes on the Edge.

Created by Céline Cousteau through CauseCentric Productions (CCP) and with the help of The Nature Conservancy, Tribes on the Edge is a campaign to support the indigenous people of the Vale do Javari and aid in the continued protection of this land for the benefit of all peoples. Their goals are to educate an international community about the indigenous people and this incredibly biodiverse ecosystem, bring support to entities on the ground working with and on relevant issues, and empower the tribes to govern their own fate.

Changing Tides Media is honored to be a part of this expedition.

Point Lobos Oral History and Docent Storytelling pre-production

The beauty and grandeur of Point Lobos State Reserve, the crown jewel of the California State Park System, can best be seen through the eyes of those closest to its heart and soul. The reserve’s rich history is one of the captivating elements that make this place so unique and at the same time can provide insight, perspective, and context for the future of the Point Lobos and parks and reserves everywhere. The Changing Tides Media team working in close association with the Point Lobos Foundation will document and preserve forever the history and knowledge gained from the reserves longest working and most fervent advocates. CTM will craft this knowledge into compelling stories to showcase what has been and what can still be.

Past Work ...

A sampling of some projects we have accomplished in the past.


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